Craft Art Wood Countertops

Add warmth and sophistication to any home with Craft Art solid wood countertops. Custom Craft Art wood products can be used in your kitchen, bathroom and other areas of your home. These are the finest quality wood countertops available on the market and are sure to be a hit with your friends and family! We’ve work with celebrities in Atlanta Georgia, and our various southeast locations because they demand high quality products, and the absolute best result – a kitchen you’ll be proud of and love to cook and entertain!

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  • Black walnut end grain countertop
  • Checkerboard wood kitchen countertop Atlanta Georgia
  • Black walnut plank island counter Atlanta Georgia
  • Distressed black walnut craft kitchen countertop
  • Distressed black walnut island counter
  • Distressed black walnut island countertop
  • Reclaimed chestnut counter
  • Close up of kitchen island with wood countertop
  • Renovated kitchen
  • Wenge wood island countertop in contemporary kitchen
  • Wenge wood island counter
  • Zebrawood (wood island countertop)
  • Our kitchen looks awesome!

    “I wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience Mike and I had with putting in our granite counters last week. We had never done a make-over before, so when my husband suggested putting in granite counters I groaned.  Little did I know at the time how smooth and painless everyone at Premier Surfaces would make it. Every encounter was extremely professional. Our kitchen looks awesome and I really appreciate having the opportunity to work with such a great group of people. If we ever decide to do anything like that in the future we will use definitely use Premier Surfaces.”

    Mike and Janet

  • Done right the FIRST time!

    “I walked in on a Friday, and was surprised to see just how busy they were — always a good sign of how a business is doing. In the process of waiting my turn, a number of people asked if I had been assisted yet. Customer service isn’t something you get in most places these days. I walked around their facility and really got a different feel compared to how I felt at other granite shops. The selection was great, everyone was friendly, and they took the time to teach me about the differences in quality for all of the chioces of a fabricator out there. The professionalism, friendly and incredibly knowledgable staff set them apart from the other “competitors”. My kitchen looks beautiful and the investment in my home was well worth it to have it completed correctly THE FIRST TIME. I will be upgrading a few bathrooms in the future and can’t think of any other granite fabricator I’d rather use.”