Our Countertop Fabrication Process

When you visit a Premier Surfaces showroom, we strive to make your countertop selection process fun, educational and enjoyable. We take appointments  for in-depth one-on-one sessions with design consultants, but you are always welcome to drop by for a tour.

Stone Selection

  • First, we will discuss your remodeling project so that we have a better understanding of how to assist you in your countertop selection.
  • Second, we will provide you with a little background about who we are and a general overview of our countertop products and pricing. We will take a tour of the facility and view the available materials. You’ll see hundreds of colors and our design consultant will help guide you in your selection of the piece that’s just right for you.
  • After you select the countertop material that you love, we will fully explain the care, characteristics and recommended applications of the materials you’ve chosen as well as the process and timeline.
  • Lastly, if there is a granite or marble color that you wish to see but it is currently not in one of our warehouses, we will dedicate time to finding a stone supplier that has what you are looking for. We work with natural stone suppliers who are considered to be the best in the industry, so you can rest assured that you will get only the highest quality materials.

The Measure

  • Once you have selected your stone with Premier Surfaces, we will provide you with a line item estimate for your review.
  • Our Square footage pricing includes material, measure, fabrication, installation, lifetime warranty on craftsmanship, Slabsmith material layout approval, competitive turnaround, a project manager to oversee your job from beginning to end and three complimentary edge profiles to choose from.
  • Once an estimate has been signed all selections have been finalized, we will schedule a date and time to measure your countertops. An experienced and qualified technician will come to your home to take precise measurements and create a digital template of your countertops. He will capture the square footage and linear footage of your countertops. The technician will also confirm your final selections for edge profile, corner treatments, sink type, faucet holes, range type, backsplash dimensions, etc.
  • A template is usually completed at the same time as the detail. This is when the technician will create a pattern of your countertops either by using a plastic sheet or a digital imaging device. No changes can be made after the measure, so make sure you’re fully prepared to make final decisions. We strongly encourage all decision makers to discuss final selections prior to the measure appointment. You also must be present at the appointment.
  • Once detail and template are completed, your project manager will then calculate the exact square footage of your project and update your estimate for your review.

Template Material Layout and Estimate Approval

Once the measurement is completed, your project enters our programming and material layout departments, which is why there cannot be changes after measure. Before fabrication begins, your project manager will send you a revised estimate and your material layout for approval. Our Slabsmith Perfect Match technology ensures that you can see your kitchen design before any permanent actions are taken.

The Manufacturing Process

Premier Surfaces takes pride in the skill and professionalism of our countertop fabricators. State-of-the-art equipment is used to fabricate every piece of stone installed by Premier Surfaces.

Wondering what not to worry about? Check out our list of granite countertop non-issues.
  • Fabrication is a term commonly used in the stone industry. It essentially means manufacturing. During the fabrication process, the stone is cut precisely to the specifications that you have approved.
  • Fabrication can begin once you have approved the material layout and the final quote.
  • Once fabricated, all your countertop pieces are then carefully inspected before being installed.


  • To become an installer for Premier Surfaces, completion of an extensive documented training program is required, which includes all aspects of not only installation, but fabrication of the stone as well.
  • Because Premier Surfaces gets all of your specifications on the front end and we have such precise measuring and cutting technology, the average installation takes about four hours. It’s common for other granite countertop companies to take a full day to install.
  • The installation is normally completed by a two-person crew. On projects that involve very large pieces, difficult access to the room, or a combination of the two, an additional crew may be needed. Your project manager will advise you of this.
  • Our installers also take several steps to ensure that they maintain cleanliness throughout the process by sweeping and vacuuming any debris or dust caused by the installation.
  • After the surface is fully installed, our technicians will walk through the job with you, answer any questions you may have and review things like granite countertop care and maintenance to ensure that you are completely satisfied.
  • Our kitchen looks awesome!

    “I wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience Mike and I had with putting in our granite counters last week. We had never done a make-over before, so when my husband suggested putting in granite counters I groaned.  Little did I know at the time how smooth and painless everyone at Premier Surfaces would make it. Every encounter was extremely professional. Our kitchen looks awesome and I really appreciate having the opportunity to work with such a great group of people. If we ever decide to do anything like that in the future we will use definitely use Premier Surfaces.”

    Mike and Janet

  • Done right the FIRST time!

    “I walked in on a Friday, and was surprised to see just how busy they were — always a good sign of how a business is doing. In the process of waiting my turn, a number of people asked if I had been assisted yet. Customer service isn’t something you get in most places these days. I walked around their facility and really got a different feel compared to how I felt at other granite shops. The selection was great, everyone was friendly, and they took the time to teach me about the differences in quality for all of the chioces of a fabricator out there. The professionalism, friendly and incredibly knowledgable staff set them apart from the other “competitors”. My kitchen looks beautiful and the investment in my home was well worth it to have it completed correctly THE FIRST TIME. I will be upgrading a few bathrooms in the future and can’t think of any other granite fabricator I’d rather use.”