Birmingham Design Consultant Talks Kitchen Countertops and More

Kitchen Countertops

At Premier Surfaces, our goal is to ensure your countertop project is fun and easy as possible.    Our highly-trained design consultants will work with you to pull your vision together and get you the kitchen countertops you want. We understand this is a big decision, and we do not take it lightly. From quartz to granite countertops, your choices are endless and it can be overwhelming. In Birmingham, our Senior Design Consultant, Mary Granberry, discusses the process and how we assist our customers with their overall design:

Finding the Perfect Kitchen Countertops for Our Customers


1.) How long have you been a Senior Design Consultant with Premier Surfaces?

 3 years and counting!

2.) Can you walk us through the process of what it is like for a customer when they set an appointment with you?

 I like to start by sitting down with my customers to get to know them and learn more about their overall project. I like to find out what is important to them and why they want to install new countertops. From there,  we go into the design consultation.

We will discuss what other work is being done in the house. For instance, are they getting new cabinets or keeping their existing ones. Also, are they planning on doing a new tile backsplash? I also make sure I find out what color palette we’re working with. What color are their walls? What about the cabinets and the floors? Is everything neutral or are there any fun colors we want to coordinate with? Most of my customers will show me photos of their space so that I can get a good feel for it. I always notate the lighting in the room. Lighting can make a huge difference in how their countertops will appear in their home.

Marble kitchen countertops

marble countertops with a farm sink!

Once we’re on the same page with what we’re working with and what we’re looking for, we will look at materials that fit their needs. This is the fun part! I always know when we’ve found the right material by the look in my customer’s eye. I love seeing their faces light up when we’ve found the perfect material! I always tell my customers, “This is not the kind of thing you need to stare at and convince yourself to like. When you see your stone, you know it!” Once we’ve selected the stone, we will then look at different sink and edge options to compliment the stone and complete the desired look.

We will also discuss backsplashes, faucets, and demolition. I always ask my customers to bring a rough sketch of their bathroom or kitchen countertops (with measurements) to our appointment. This helps me give them an accurate, custom price for their project. To finish up, I will walk them through the pricing and explain our next steps. Most of my customers choose to go ahead and get on our measure calendar!

3.) If you have any of your favorite kitchen and bathroom projects that come to mind, please share! 

Ooh, it’s so hard to choose favorites! We did a Perla Venato quartzite kitchen countertops for Kellie McWhorter that is stunning. I love working with rare stones we don’t see every day! We recently completed a kitchen and bathroom remodel for Patty and Gary Morrison. The Colonial White granite countertops are perfect in their space and Gary kept me laughing throughout the entire process.

marble kitchen countertops

Fantasy Brown marble countertops

4.) What are some of your favorite countertop choices and why?

 I tend to lean towards natural stones like marble or granite for kitchen countertops. They just have a certain depth that manmade products can’t recreate. My current obsessions are Colonial Crème and Fantasy Brown. I’m excited to see more customers incorporating warmer tones into their design again! And, we have a lot of exotic granite countertops to choose from with 

Marble Countertops

Natural stone like the Carrara marble countertop does add depth!

5.) What do you enjoy most about your job?  

The people! I have strong relationships with both my customers and my coworkers. Our culture is relaxed and fun. We laugh a lot around here! Who couldn’t be happy when you’re surrounded by such great people?

  • Our kitchen looks awesome!

    “I wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience Mike and I had with putting in our granite counters last week. We had never done a make-over before, so when my husband suggested putting in granite counters I groaned.  Little did I know at the time how smooth and painless everyone at Premier Surfaces would make it. Every encounter was extremely professional. Our kitchen looks awesome and I really appreciate having the opportunity to work with such a great group of people. If we ever decide to do anything like that in the future we will use definitely use Premier Surfaces.”

    Mike and Janet

  • Done right the FIRST time!

    “I walked in on a Friday, and was surprised to see just how busy they were — always a good sign of how a business is doing. In the process of waiting my turn, a number of people asked if I had been assisted yet. Customer service isn’t something you get in most places these days. I walked around their facility and really got a different feel compared to how I felt at other granite shops. The selection was great, everyone was friendly, and they took the time to teach me about the differences in quality for all of the chioces of a fabricator out there. The professionalism, friendly and incredibly knowledgable staff set them apart from the other “competitors”. My kitchen looks beautiful and the investment in my home was well worth it to have it completed correctly THE FIRST TIME. I will be upgrading a few bathrooms in the future and can’t think of any other granite fabricator I’d rather use.”