How to Choose the Right Size for Your Kitchen Island

If you are thinking about adding new countertops to your home by way of a kitchen island, size will be one of your top considerations. Sit down and spend some time thinking about how much room you’ll really need to accommodate a kitchen island. Even the smallest kitchens can benefit from an island.

Incorporating Islands Into Kitchens of all Sizes

Even if kitchen space is limited, homeowners can almost always find or create enough space for a comfortable kitchen island. Islands can be constructed with a specific height, reduced depth and extra small or large cabinets. Some are even built with wheels for easy mobility. The bottom line is that just about every kitchen, regardless of its size, can accommodate a stylish and helpful island. At a minimum, a fixed kitchen island should measure 40 inches by 40 inches. While this may seem small, an island of this size is plenty big to use as a chopping station and for storing smaller kitchen appliances.

Room Size and Clearance Zone

All in all, the average size of a kitchen island is around 3 feet by 6 and a half feet with a 40 inch clearance zone. However, the size of an island is almost always dictated by the distance around it. This means that larger kitchens can fit more substantial islands.

If your kitchen measures about 20 feet long and 15 feet wide, the main cabinets should be installed along one of the walls. The cabinet depth from front to the rear of the wall should measure around 25 inches. Take care to leave some space between the edge of the countertop along the back section of the cabinets and the island’s edge. This additional space will provide a working space that functions as the island’s clearance zone. This space allows for easy maneuverability around the island as well as the kitchen as a whole.

The most sensible clearance zone is around 3 feet. However, kitchen islands on the extremely small side can be established with a 31 inch-plus clearance zone. This amount of space will provide just enough room for a single person to work in the kitchen.

Multi-functional Kitchen Islands

When you consider the design of your kitchen island, think about whether you will eventually use it as a multipurpose work space. Even if your island will be in a very small space, it can be highly-efficient if properly planned. Kitchen islands of just about any size can fit drawer storage, an induction cooktop, seating and an integrated cooler for extensive functionality.

Choosing a Countertop Material for Kitchen Islands

No matter what you decide to use your kitchen island for, it’s important that you choose the right countertop to complement your overall kitchen design. One approach is to match the countertop material on the island to the countertops on the rest of the counters. This creates a beautifully seamless and cohesive look that is great for classic kitchens. If you want to mix things up a bit, consider covering your kitchen island with a different material that complements but doesn’t match the rest of the kitchen. For example, if your countertops have gray undertones, choose a stainless steel countertop material for your island. Similarly, if your countertops have brown undertones, consider a wooden countertop for your island.

No matter which material you choose, we’re ready to help you get the perfect countertop for your new kitchen island. With showrooms in Atlanta, Huntsville, Birmingham and Chattanooga, our expert team at Premier Surfaces is available to answer any questions and show you around our showrooms. Contact us today for more information or stop by to check out all of our beautiful countertop options.

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