10 Funniest DIY Remodeling Fails and How To Avoid Them


We all make mistakes. It is a natural part of life and is what helps us learn and grow as people.

Sometimes, however, certain no-no’s can end up costing us big time — not to mention give us a hearty laugh and remind us not to take things too seriously.

Everyone has heard horror stories about inexperienced homeowners attempting to remodel or renovate their property only to find that it is not as easy as picking up a hammer or using a paintbrush. Sure, it may look simple on HGTV and other popular do-it-yourself network shows, but the fact of the matter is, remodeling is hard work. 

Keep that in mind as we present you with some of the funniest DIY fails and tell you how to avoid succumbing to the same pitfalls on your next project!

10 Biggest Renovation Goofs

1. Getting talked out of what you really want – If you have a particular image in your head about how you want your kitchen, bathroom or master bedroom to look, then by all means stick with it. Letting friends or store sales associates sway your opinion will only end up hurting you in the long run, especially if you had your heart set on something from the get-go!

2. A slanted driveway – Make sure you get the grade and elevation of your property down pat before deciding to excavate. As some homeowners have unfortunately found out, no one wants a driveway that is comparable to the streets of San Francisco!

3. Balcony in jeopardy – A nicely situated walk-out is great as long as you remember to build a door to it. What good is an expensive patio area when you can only see it from the ground?

4. Drawer dilemma – When installing new kitchen countertops and cabinetry, make sure to use that trusty tape measure. Installing pull-out drawers at a 90-degree angle automatically spells disaster, since you can only open one at a time (less so if the hardware clashes).

5. The faucet goes over the sink, not behind it – Unless you enjoy having water spill onto the bathroom floor every time you need to wash your hands, it would probably be a good idea to align the faucet correctly on the vanity. Miss this by a few inches, and be prepared for a watery nightmare!

6. Steer clear of obstacles – Mother Nature sure is beautiful, just not when she interferes with your ability to enter your garage! One family thought it would be cool to build their garage right in front of a massive tree, only to find that cars require more room to move safely!

7. Water and electricity do not mix – Installing a faucet directly over an electrical outlet is pretty much a death wish. We have no clue what these people were thinking, but their intentions indeed seem a bit odd!

8. Reversed door handles – Although a rather simple fix, inserting a door handle the opposite way can be a little annoying. After all, how are you supposed to latch it? The purpose of a door is to open and shut, not make life complicated!

9. Not getting the proper permits – As much as they are a hassle to get, you have to have the right documentation before breaking ground. Hefty fees and fines are not a great way to kick off your remodeling project!

10. Mixing and matching kitchen countertops – When buying new quartz or granite countertops, it is usually better to stick with one, consistent color. There are times when combining different shades will work, but only if you know how to do it right!

Always remember to think twice prior to launching your renovation. These mistakes are expensive and can be avoided with a bit of common sense. Be a smart homeowner!

Image Courtesy of: Pixabay

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