Consider Silestone as an Option To Brighten Your Home

When it comes to buying new kitchen countertops, many homeowners are quick to invest in granite. This classic stone is so popular due to its natural beauty and its ability to substantially increase housing values.

Granite kitchen countertops are far from the only available option these days, though, and more and more people are choosing to decorate their living spaces with alternative surfaces. Silestone is one such product, and it provides just as many benefits as granite. So what exactly is silestone and why should you consider installing in your home?

An Introduction to Silestone

A premium-grade quartz surface, silestone is world-renowned for its superior durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal. There are more than 65 different silestone colors, so you can count on your kitchen truly being one of a kind! A unique blend of shades and styles allow buyers to find exactly what they are looking for.

To give you a taste of what is out there as far as color choices are concerned , White North, Mont Blanc, Blanco Maple, White Storm, Pulsar, White Platinum, Daria, Capri Limestone, Tigris Sand, Phoenix, Seleno and Urban Cream are considered some of the top color options for 2014. You cannot go wrong with any of these color palettes!

Another of silestone’s top properties is its scratch-resistance. This stone is surpassed only by diamond, topaz and sapphire in terms of its hardness, which makes quartz a highly sought-after countertop product. A dense, non-porous texture that requires no sealing, silestone is low maintenance and more sanitary than alternative options.

Premier Surfaces is proud to be a leading bathroom and kitchen countertops dealer. We carry a vast array of silestone products in addition to many other natural granite and quartz options. Browse our selection online or visit one of our showrooms in Atlanta, Birmingham or Chattanooga.

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    Mike and Janet

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