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Don't settle for Ordinary, when you can have Extraordinary!

Premier Surfaces takes great pride in the fabrication of our products.  Since our customers are the center of our universe, we spare no expense in being the best when it comes to quality, craftsmanship, and service.
Becoming an MIA (Marble Institute of America) ACCREDITED fabricator, a company must go through a series of rigorous tests and evaluations to receive such an honor.

Therefore, all of the equipment and machinery is state-of-art and we never leave a single quality step out when producing your countertops. Click here to learn more about Premier Surfaces’ strict adherence to the Accredited members Code of Ethics ensures a better quality install and experience for you.

The Newest and most advanced cutting edge countertop technology available!

  • When choosing a natural stone color for your kitchen and bath, there is always the difficulty of being able to visualize what the slab will look like on your countertops. This is why we have installed SlabSmith Software to better serve our customers!
  • With SlabSmith, we can take high-resolution pictures of what the layout of your countertops will look like on any part of the slab and email you the pictures before we install.
  • So if there is any concern about where a seam will be placed or how any movement or variation in color will look on your countertop, SlabSmith will put your mind at ease.

Digital Templating and Cutting the Stone
With high-tech computerized equipment, Premier Surfaces ensures that every countertop cut is done as close to perfection as possible!

  • To cut the stone with precision, Premier Surfaces uses a CNC (computer numerical controlled) machine.
  • The Template or layout of your countertops is programmed into the CNC by a highly-trained technician.
  • The stone is then cut with a water saw controlled by the computer.
  • By using the CNC machine and digitizing your template, Premier Surfaces ensures a more accurate cut.
  • Most other companies cut by hand with a grinder, which leads to more imperfections and uneven edges.

Superior Seam System
When a seam is needed in a countertop, Premier Surfaces has a step by step process to ensure quality and satisfaction!

  • Precision is paramount, in order to minimize the size of your seam, we use a technology called Gorilla Grip that uses air pressure to pull the seam together. A perfect seam should not stop a penny from sliding in either direction.
  • Once a seam is as small as it can be, we use a special under mount stitching method with high-quality glue and Corian blocks to ensure the seam will stay in place. 
  • Our highly-trained installers then use an industry-approved specialized paint mixture to match the color of the seam to your countertop color as close as possible.
SlabSmith Granite Countertop Layout  
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