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Granite is a natural stone that is considered to be very durable and works well in high traffic areas such as kitchens and master bathrooms, but since it is a natural product it an stain. Below are a few helpful suggestions that will keep your granite looking as beautiful as the day it was installed:

• Everyday cleaning of the granite surface should be done with simple dishwashing soap, rinsed thoroughly with clean water and dried completely using a clean dry cloth.

• Do not use anything on the countertops that you would not use on your hands. Do not use vinegar or anything that may contain ammonia (e.g. Windex), bleach (e.g. Clorox), or specialty bathroom, tile or grout or cleaners that may contain acids. These chemicals could have a bleaching or etching effect on some of the minerals in the stone.

• Do not use any type of cleanser, since the abrasives in the cleanser, over time, will remove the final polish from the stone making it appear dull. Other items that could be detrimental to any stone’s surface are citric acids, oils, wine and ink. The effect is not permanent in granite but could be in other types of stone, such as marble or travertine since they are calcium carbonate based.

• Clean up spills as quickly as possible using a blotting technique instead of wiping to avoid spreading the spilled substance. Use soap and water to clean the area, rinse, and then dry with a clean cloth. 

• Remember, for everyday cleaning, dishwashing soap and water is all that is needed, and making certain that the surface is dried with a clean cloth. There are daily granite cleaning solutions available if you desire to have something specifically designed for granite

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